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A Tea-lightful Adventure

What We Do

We curate “tea-lightful adventures” for those with a unique palate craving an experience beyond the ordinary. We will transport you to a world where tea transforms from a simple beverage to a vibrant odyssey. Here you will: Embark on a sensory journey , Unravel the secrets of tea, Craft your own personalized blend, Discover solace in the calming essence of our tea, and Connect with fellow tea enthusiast. This is more than just a cup of tea, it’s an experience for your senses, your mind and your soul. Join us for a “tea-lightful adventure” today.




Sereni-Tea Experience

Tired of the same old cookie cutter experiences? Then let us invite you to an unforgettable tea-lightful adventure. This experience allows you to escape the daily grind and find your inner zen by embarking on a calming sensory journey with exquisite teas. Discover their soothing flavors, exotic aromas, medicinal properties, and learn to create blends that nourish your mind and body. This is where relaxation meets discovery.

Experience LA! Your Way!

Anyone can put together a list of activities. But it takes a team of experts to weave a tapestry of activities into a one-of-a-kind experience based on your interest or occasion? Introducing your team of Personal Activities Concierges. We’ll save you time and give you peace of mind by curating, vetting and taking care of all the details. So get ready to go from ordinary to the most extraordinary experience ever. Merely schedule your consultation today, tell us your interest and we’ll take care of the rest.

How it works

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