Runyon Canyon is a moderate – difficult trail. Its one of the most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles and often shows up on publishers’ lists of best hikes in LA. This 130-acre dog park is located in Hollywood on the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains, providing hikers with a few overlapping loops and great views over Hollywood.

For a quick Runyon Canyon hike, try a 1.9-mile loop with 500 feet of elevation change
Get more of a workout on a larger 2.65-mile loop with 700 feet of elevation change
Really stretch your legs on a 3.3-mile hike top the top of the park with 800 feet of elevation change
Start from Mulholland Drive for an easier 0.85-mile hike to the top of the park with 200 feet of elevation change.

Trail length – 2.50 mi
Ascent – 784 ft
Avg time taken – 1 hr 30 mins