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A "Tea-lightful Adventure" awaits

From exotic aromatic escapes to soothing flavor and health benefit discoveries, embark on a sensory tea journey unlike any other


A "Tea-lightful Adventure" awaits

Embark on a calming journey with our exquisite teas. Unravel the history, health secrets, and savor the flavors and exotic aromas of tea. Craft your own blend, guided by experts. This isn't just a tea-tasting. This is where relaxation meets discovery.


History of Teas

A journey of discovering the history, origins, types, and preparations of tea through a short and engaging session.


Sensory Exploration Tasting

Sampling a variety of aromatic teas, exploring their diverse flavors and aromas.


Food Pairings

Master the art of pairing the right foods with teas by designing a visually stunning and taste-bud-tempting charcuterie board or pastry board.


From leaf to relief

Sample and learn about the healing power of teas and how it can nourish your mind and body.


Tea Blending Workshop

Discover tea's versatility through the blending and creation of unique flavors in a fun interactive workshop


Tea Cocktails

Unleash your inner mixologist and learn the art of crafting unique and flavorful tea cocktails - all while having fun!-in an interactive tea cocktail creation workshop.

cost: $120